Custom Vinyl Stencils

There are two primary ways we can produce stencil lettering to suite your needs. We can take our standard vinyl lettering product and produce a knockout or a so called "reverse weed". This means you end up with a reverse of what you normally get allowing you to use the lettering as a one time use stencil. This is great for painters looking to add some custom flare to their designs. The other option is using our custom vinyl as a total replacement for stencils. There are many advantages to using vinyl lettering instead of paint.

Knock Out Stencils

As we touched on above we can produce our regular lettering product as a stencil for you. This means that instead of receiving a regular set of text you will receive a rectangular section of vinyl with your text knocked out or reverse weeded to be used as a paint stencil. Our vinyl makes a great seal and is suitable for using as a painters mask. Any of the decals in our decal library or text you make online can be produced in this fashion. The only extra step you need to do when you place your order is to specify in the comment section "please produce as knockout for a stencil".

Stencil Replacement

One thing you may not have considered is using vinyl lettering instead of a stencil. This would mean you won't even need a stencil at all! The cost may be a lot less than you thought. We can produce lettering for you in bulk very quickly and all you have to worry about is sticking it on. We feel the lettering will look quite a bit more professional and polished than simply a clunky stencil.

Stencil vs Vinyl Lettering

Stencil Pros

  • Can be very cheap when producing high quantities
  • Paint match is possible
  • Can look as good or better than lettering if done professionally

Stencil Cons

  • Various paint prep and clean up
  • Overspray potential, must cover all areas around the lettering
  • Letters will be wet and must dry
  • May require clear coat
  • Cannot be removed easily

Vinyl Lettering Pros

  • Quick and Easy installation
  • Cost effective for both high and low quantities
  • Durability for 8+ years
  • Can be removed

Vinyl Lettering Cons

  • Limited color selection
  • Will be distinguishable up close
  • Application on curved surface can be difficult

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