Laminated Vinyl Lettering

You have probably seen or heard of UV protective laminate. If you haven't, it is a thin clear protective layer that is placed directly over top of the product. This coating is usually 1 - 3 mil in thickness and is primarily used to protect digitally printed graphics. We have found that using UV Laminate on vinyl lettering is simply not need in 99% of situations. When you're looking out to 5-7 years of durability you are getting past the usable life of even the laminate. Vinyl lettering when used by itself is sufficient for 5-7 years, our 751 high performance cast is capable of 8 years sustained outdoor use.

Although UV laminate isn't needed for traditional cut vinyl you will normally always see UV laminate on digitally printed vinyl. This is because the solvent ink is bonded to the substrate but still subject to scratches and reduced lifespan as opposed to with laminate. Once laminated the graphic is greatly strengthened.

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