Intermediate Vinyl Lettering

When choosing the type of vinyl to use you should always see if you are choosing a supplier that uses intermediate or performance vinyl. Here we will discuss what exact intermediate vinyl is. The term intermediate vinyl specifies a series of characteristics about the vinyl roll. Intermediate has made great progress since it was first introduced in the 1980s. Intermediate vinyl is inferior to the way a performance class vinyl conforms to a surface. You will also find when you compare performance vinyl lettering to intermediate you will get longer life out of the performance grade. One common trait of the manufacturing process for intermediate vinyl is called calendared. When calendared vinyl is produced it is left in a stressed state which can eventually lead to a shrinking and pulling away from the edges of the surface.

Here at we offer performance class Oracal 751 vinyl for outdoor use. This is cast rather than calendared giving you a much better performing product.

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