Reflective Vinyl Letters

When in the market for suitable signage to use at night time then consider using reflective lettering for this purprose. Reflective vinyl lettering is a premium film designed to reflect a much higher amount of light than typical intermediate or cast grade vinyl. This means when you shine light at the reflective surface you will get a very noticeable reflection. Some places you typically see this sort of lettering is on emergency vehicles such as police cars, ambulance, fire truck, and just about any other vehicle that needs to be seen easily at night. Another place you can find reflective vinyl is on surfaces such as road signs. Typically green reflective vinyl is used on these types of surfaces as a base then screen printed white ink over top. This provides a sufficiently reflective surface for most any road sign.

Some manufacturers that produce reflective vinyl lettering include Oracal 5600, 3M Scotchlite Reflective Graphics film, and Avery 1200 Reflective.

If you are looking for reflective vinyl lettering we do sell it! Visit our vinyl lettering designer and choose the reflective option when you are designing.

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