Vinyl Lettering - Adhesive Backed

A key feature for vinyl signage to function properly is the adhesive backing. This is essentially a glue that is coated on the vinyl from the factory. The silicon coated backing paper keeps the glue from bonding to the surface before it is applied. A thin layer of silicon is coated on the paper making the adhesive not stick to it. This critical during the production, transportation, and storage of any vinyl sheet roll. Once the vinyl had been cut on a lettering machine it can be applied to the desired surface.

Adhesive Backed Outdoor Vinyl

Lettering that is intended for use in outdoor applications will have a strong adhesive than say something that you would want to use indoors. The stronger the adhesive the longer lasting the product. Since it is critical to keep water and foreign contaminates out of the back of the sign in order for it to continue to bond. Outdoor rated vinyl consists of most any economy to high end brand of vinyl rated for such use. This is anything from avery A4 to 3Ms high end 180c control tac. All of our lettering is rated for outdoor use. We use what is considered a high grade cast vinyl Oracal 751. This has an adhesive backing which will last up to 8+ years. This is offered as an upgrade to our standard 3-5 year calendared vinyl.

Adhesive Backed Wall Letters

One notable difference in adhesive backing is our wall vinyl. It has a special adhesive that is much less aggressive than typical vinyl sheets. You will find this is capable of being applied to the wall and removed without residue up to two years after. If you were to apply our standard vinyl on a wall and attempt to remove it you would likely take the paint off and possibly even some drywall. Obviously we don't recommend that!

Adhesive and Temperature

Did you know that it is NOT ok to install lettering at any temperature? There can be serious adhesion issues when you try to apply lettering at a temperature below 40. We tell customers based on manufacturer recommendations to install above 60 degrees F if possible. Normally what occurs is the cold prevents the adhesive backed vinyl from bonding properly to the surface. Poor adhesion means a failure can occur shortly thereafter. We have also found that full adhesion does not occur immediately after the vinyl has been stuck. It can take up to 24 hours for the bond to fully cure on some vinyls. In most cases it becomes much more difficult to remove a piece from the surface in an hour or two.

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