Removable Vinyl Lettering

A common trait shared across any vinyl product is the fact that it can be removed. One thing to watch for is if the film is marketed as actually being removable. Typically vinyl lettering is branded as being a permanent adhesive, but can be removed with various mild chemicals and some elbow grease. However, there are vinyl products available on the market such as Oracal 631 that are totally removable up to 2 years after applied. The difference here is that the removable vinyl lettering will be able to taken off the surface by hand and no residue will be left behind. With other non removable vinyl lettering products you will find the residue removal process can be quite involved.

We sell two series of vinyl lettering primarily along with specialty films. Our standard series is Oracal 651 which is a permanent adhesive vinyl. We also offer a cast upgrade to 751. Our Oracal 631 is a removable adhesive great for walls and indoors.

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