Digital Vinyl Lettering

If you're looking for lettering or graphics that need to be full color photographic prints then you need to find someone who can print and cut digital graphics. Here at we have full digital printing capabilities allowing us to produce graphics and digital lettering capable of displaying gradients, textures, and photographs right on vinyl. This is something that cannot be accomplished using standard vinyl sheets and cut down.

We utilize cutting edge technology to produce you digital lettering. In order to create digital letters you must start with special white vinyl and then print out on it. We have two different machines capable of this which include several Mimaki JV3 printers along with a high production Mimaki JV5. Either machine can print solvent ink directly on white vinyl digitally. At this point we use our Graphtec FC7000 plotter/cutter to cut out the graphic. The plotter uses an optical eye that reads the registration marks giving accurate print and cut operation.

If you need digitally produced vinyl lettering or logos simply use the contact us feature on the site to send us your requirements. We will respond promptly with a quote.

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