Glow in the Dark Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering that glows in the dark can have many potential uses. This is anything from saftey signs, novelty uses, parties, and whatever eles you can think of. As you would expect the vinyl is coated in a light sensitive film that retains a charge for a specific amount of time. There are two versions of glow in the dark vinyl available from us. We have a 5 mil Econo-glo vinyl that stays charged for 20 minutes and only requires 2 minutes to charge. This has very limited uses since it only stays charged for a small amount of time. Our other glow in the dark lettering is 10 mil safe-glo which stays charged for 6-8 hours after only a two minute charge. This is much more practical for over night charges. These are primarily made for indoor use and very limited outdoor. It is also noteworthy that neither class of lettering will meet the state or federal self illuminating emergency signage regulations, so please don't use it for that.

If you're interesting in getting glow in the dark vinyl lettering then use our contact form and let us know exactly what you are wanting including sizes. We will respond promptly with a quotation for your product.

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