Gold Leaf Vinyl Lettering

When considering the look you want to achieve with your vinyl lettering the premium in lettering is gold leaf. Gold leaf lettering is 22k-23k real gold making the product as real as it gets. Through the manufacturing process the vinyl film is coated with a thin layer of gold. Obviously since gold is a precious metal it is very expensive to get gold leaf vinyl lettering, however if that is the look you are going for gold leaf will last well over 10 years. Some popular places you will see gold leaf lettering includes traditional lettering such as fire trucks and antique vehicles and store fronts.

We are now offering textured gold leaf vinyl in our lettering tool. This is not real gold leaf, but a very close match to the real thing. Real gold leaf is very expensive, while the vinyl we are offering is a economical alternative. To get started using our gold leaf vinyl visit the vinyl lettering tool and select specialty vinyl to see gold leaf.

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