Calendered Vinyl Lettering

There are two classes of vinyl calendered and cast. Calendered vinyl is considered the economy type of vinyl as compared to cast. The basic difference of the two is the manufacturing process. Because of this it inherently makes one vinyl act differently than the other. Calendered is left in a stressed state after produced. This in turn will eventually cause the vinyl to shrink. Due to this and other reasons the calendered vinyl has a lower lifespan rating. However, calendered vinyl is great for many uses still. When you don't need something to last over 5 years it works great and is still and good product to use.

We offer two calendared vinyls, our oracal 631 wall vinyl and standard 651. Since 631 is an indoor product the fact that it is calendered does not detract from the overall function of the vinyl and its lifetime. Our 651 is great for up to 5 years outdoors, but consider upgrading to 751 cast.

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