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Holographic Vinyl Film

Holographic film makes a great compliment to vinyl signage.

If you are really wanting to make a big impact with personalized vinyl lettering choosing the holographic style is a great way to make something totally unique. Holographics are a family of vinyl that includes engine turn, diffracto mosic lense, multi-lens, glitter chrome, oil slick, and metal flake. Choosing one of these styles gives you a look you simply can't achieve with printed or standard solid color vinyls. Because of the manufacturing process you could be getting metalized polyester of vinyl coated with chemicals with reflective tendancies. Often to get the effect they desire for something such as engine turn the vinyl will discolor when heated allowing the producer during the manufacturing process to create various patterns and figures in the film.

Looking for Holographic vinyl lettering? We do offer various holographic vinyls directly on our site. You should visit our vinyl lettering designer to find the exact holographic film letters you need.

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