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Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective products is a company that produces pressure sensitive vinyl, paper, and reflective materials. They offer a few select products that relate to vinyl lettering we sell already. This includes their A4 vinyl which is very comparable to shinerite in quality and longevity. We have personal experience with the A4 product line and it is a very capable product offering. However, we have decided the advantages of a cast film are much better than that of a calendered film such as Avery A4. The closest product offering avery has to our Oracal 751 flavor is the Avery A9 series. This is a 9 year outdoor rated vinyl, cast, 2mil. The real selling point for A9 is the color offering. Avery A9 has a huge selection of color choices many more than any other high performance vinyl film. When you're creating vinyl lettering with Avery A9 you will not have any issues with longevity or adhesion!

As discussed, our Oracal 751 film is comparable to avery's A9 series. We offer 751 cast upgrade with every order!

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