Fluorescent Vinyl Lettering

When you have a bold bright message to get across consider fluorescent vinyl. Fluorescent vinyl is an intense color that is impossible to hit with traditional 4 and 6 color digital printers. Specific ink is required to get the effect, an alternative is to get the same thing done out of typical cut vinyl. Fluorescent vinyl is available from several manufacturers, Oracal 6510, 7510, Avery Cast Fluorescent, 3M Scotchcal 8000 are all options for base fluorescent vinyl film.

This type of vinyl lettering is used from everything to road signs, hazardous markings, caution signs, rail road cars, emergency vehicles, and even race cars. Typically fluorescent vinyl will cost 2-3x more than traditional cast vinyl. Due to the nature of the production process it becomes more expensive to produce. Colors you can get out of fluorescents are usually Red Orange, Green, Pink Yellow, Orange, Red.

Looking for fluorescent lettering? We have you covered! Visit our vinyl lettering designer to find the fluorescent vinyl lettering for your next project.

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