Suggested Uses for Vinyl on Vehicles

Windshield Lettering

Use our window letter tool to design text for windshields. Our product works and applies just like normal window lettering. The primary advantage of having lettering on your windshield is mostly for aesthetics, but you may also want to reverse cut your lettering and allow it to be viewed correctly from a rear view mirror.

Tailgate Vinyl Letters

Lettering attached to the tailgate of your car or truck is typically one of the most effective places to put it. Since the rear of the vehicle is viewable in stop and go traffic depending on where you commute every day you may get literally hundreds of people per day view your message. We recommend for you people that commute on the highway to use something as large as you can since most drivers will be 50 ft or more behind you. For stop and go traffic you can make your tailgate lettering smaller if you would like, however as we always say bigger is better.

US DOT Numbers

Federal regulations require DOT numbers on the side of vehicles if they meet various weight and passenger limits. This is typically required on all semi trucks along with larger passenger transporting vans and buses. Our site is equipped to assist you in designing and ordering DOT numbers for whatever it is you need them for. Use our DOT numbers section as a start point.

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