Vinyl DOT Numbers

Federal Regulations require you to have a vinyl DOT number if you meet a few of the criteria. Vehicles over 10,000lbs, transport 9-15 passengers for compensation, transport 16 or more passengers, or haul hazardous material in interstate commerce. Be sure to review some helpful links we have provided about DOT numbers.

Don't let that unmarked DOT agent catch you off guard, it simply isn't worth it to not be federally compliant. Visit DOT Reference for a short list of requirements to get a DOT numbers for your vehicle.

Our tool makes it very easy to design DOT numbers for your truck, semi, or van. These are easy to install and even easier to order. After you place your order we will mail your DOT numbers to you before you know it. Normally we ship the next business day. We use 8 year high performance vinyl for all DOT numbers.

With our DOT letter tool you can design the exact number just by typing your number into the box shown in our designer. Customize colors and effects to your liking. Be sure to review federal regulations as to how your numbers can be displayed on the vehicle and what size is required.

Example DOT Numbers

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