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Van Lettering - Vinyl signs for your van

Vinyl Van Lettering Example

Most businesses that use a van are service oriented companies that may want to advertise their services while the company van or fleet of vans are on the road. Take advantage of this driving time to utilize your van as a mobile billboard that constantly advertises your business to your commmunity by designing a easy to make, self adhesive vinyl lettering sign.

As with any vehicle sign made with vinyl, always remember that your message should be very short and to the point to ensure that passing traffic can read your advertisement. Contrast, font size and color are very important factors to a properly designed lettering sign and to assist you in this process, we have prepared this easy to follow vinyl sign example.

Our vinyl lettering tools do not limit you to creating a sign like the one featured below, but in order to get you started, we thought this example would help you with your ideas.

You have two options for vinyl. By default we offer 3-5 year calendared vinyl and optionally an upgrade to premium cast. Cast vinyl we use is 8 year high performance outdoor. We only offer the best vinyl to ensure your sign will last in the outdoor elements and heavy wind conditions, so our perference is premium oracal 751. This vinyl is so durable that you could park your van outside for 8 years with our lettering adheared to the side and you should not see cracking or fading. Odds are you will be tired of the letter design before the letters are actually worn out. In that case a hair dryer will release the adhesive enough so you can peel it off to apply your new design.

To see how this example was created, simply follow the steps below, but if you don't require the assistance of our step by step process, head straight over to the van lettering tool to get started right away. Also remember that our friendly vinyl graphics designers can create custom designs to create custom graphic logos and more.

Example Van Lettering

You can also visit our decal section and use our van lettering as many times as you need to create whatever combinations you want to. Also remember, as you add sets to your cart, we will retain these for you for future reference should you not finish and need to come back.

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