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Letters in Script

Custom Script Lettering

The script font style is one of the most common types of letters people look for. Script is used as a broad term to define the style of font you're looking at. In general script fonts and cursive fonts are considered by the masses to be the same thing. Script features the same basic serifs and accents you would find in a cursive styled font. The lettering style we have pictured below is just one of many script fonts that you could use on your surface. We feel this particular font captures the feel for what makes a good script style.

Don't like this script style? Look around we have an entire section with script lettering on them. This is going to boil down to your own personal preference as to what specific typeface suites your needs the best. We try to present the broadest range of options when it comes to lettering then give you the freedom to design what you want.

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