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Dimensional Letters in Vinyl

Dimensional Vinyl Letters

Typical dimensional lettering consist of plastic, metal, or foam as a starting point to form actual 3d text. This is done by means of a router if foam. If using metal the letters will typically be punched out from a die or a more costly method such as milled out. Vinyl letters are an alternative to this type of lettering.

Standard Vinyl

Lettering can serve as a directly replacement for dimensional letters if you choose. If you are placing your letters on a smooth surface such as a door or window then vinyl can directly take the place of this. If you do not have a smooth surface you can always mount vinyl on a nice looking presentation board then mount the board to your surface. We regularly produce fancy looking letting for house and business numbers that take the place of dimensional lettering.

3D Effect

As with any of our lettering products you can add shadows and outlines to the project to give the letters and 3d look to them. This is desirable for contrast reasons and aesthetics. With these types of effects you can make the lettering appear to jump off your surface. The ultimate result is that you will be able to catch people's attention.

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