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Heat Transfer Lettering

Heat Activated Iron On Lettering

Making your own lettering for t shirts and clothing has never been easier thanks to our simple iron on lettering designer. Choose the font and text that matches what you want and before you know it you'll have a do it yourself heat transfer lettering set at your doorstep ready to be applied.

Unlike our other vinyl lettering products our heat transfer letters and numbers are not made of vinyl but polyurethane. This introduces a unique set of properties allowing you to iron on the lettering to specific types of clothing. Types of clothing our iron on lettering works with include cotton, polyester, spandex, lycra, and some types of athletic fabrics. If you're looking to use our lettering on athletic jerseys look on the tag to verify it is compatible with our material. Nylon is not compatible with our material. We can also send you a sample to try if you have any doubt.

You have two options when applying heat transfer film to a garment. The ideal option is to use a specifically designed t-shirt press. This is a large flat device that will apply even heat at a specific temperature to the transfer material and shirt. The specific temperature causes the glue to activate while not melting the material. If you're using a T-shirt press set the temperature to 345-350 F for 20 seconds. The second option is to use a household iron. The iron should typically be set to maximum in order to reach the proper temperature. When applying with an iron you will have to proceed in sections using firm pressure.

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